Friday, July 3, 2009

Spreading The Awesome-ness of Mine :D

Friday, July 3, 2009

I did this on my Indonesian Blog since I got tagged by one of my blogger fellas. So basically this is just a translation version. Hahaha. Guess its cool since I dont have anything in mind to share just now. And as the title of my Indonesian blog, If Its Not So Important To U, Well It Is For Me :D So here it goes!

7 awesome things about me

1. Dependable

People used to come to me when they need to share and pour out their mind, and sometimes asking for a little advise. I cannot give anything materially, but when it is about feels and thought, you can count on me ;) Well... the term dependable maybe refer to my competency and responsible. This quality makes me a good friend, and of course great lover.

2. Hell of a public speaker

I never have a problem communicating. Always as smooth as it can be. I used to think that this talkative things is something useless I've born with :p But it turns to be that this is a gift! I could share, talk, get along with anybody even when I just knew them without feeling awkward. And I can speak good in front of public, which I use to make money of it. Dont believe me? How about hiring me? haha

3. Under the influence of love

Some people see thing as tacky or cheesy or anything whatsoever, since everything I write, watch, read, hear, enjoy, do and say is all about love! Like I care? Nope I dont. I really do see this as a very awesome quality I have, that even above all the disappointment and failure in love (ouch) that I've been through or people around me did, I never stop to praise the L.O.V.E. I guess my Rabb entrust me this as my greatest gift. Of course, Lord. I LOVE U MOST!

4. My loud-y voice

In connection with my best ability as a "speaker", the power and the volume of my voice is one of the coolest things I have! haha. If anybody needs sumkind of soundsystem just to make people heard them clearly, well I dont need those things :D They said im born with it, and swallowed a TOA once :p This unbelieveably loud voice makes me hard to whispering. But that might be the reason Im not a big fan of talking behind someone's back, since they always gonna hear me out :p

5. My sexy lips

I swear to u this is one of my body part that Im really proud of (this is a body part, rite?) Besides all the "lipoids" part, this one is really cool. You might want to say, SEXY :D The other part of my face I love is my lovely eyes (okay, this is subjective opinion :D) And this fatlips is really a GOOOOOOD kissing material ouch ouch ouch

6. My sweet ignorance

Since when an ignorance becoma a good things or even an awesome thing of someone? I dont know for sure... but for me, my ignorance sometimes help me to be a simple person. Dont give a damn about other's business that doesnt contains and or even expecting me. Dont give a shit about a people that doesnt even deserve to be care about. However, this is not about all things. I care alot about many things too. But there's so much stuff thats no need the fuss, mine especially. Im good at it, ignoring.

7. I am a shrink to be

This is the thing I love most from me, and Im sure proud of myself, for I will be a psychologist one day. Its a must! Insya Allah... AMIEN. And even without being certified, the knowledge I've got so far that makes me "only" a future psychologist really useful in every aspect of my life. Sharpening my self knowing. Open up wide my mind about many things. Got that things called "understanding" that not everyone has it. That's pretty awesome for me ;)

How bout you? What's the 7 things awesome about you? When i tagged to this, it said that I have to tag another! Hm... what about you, you, another you, and you also, then you, and of course you, and again you, and more you you you! Haha Done it even before me? Lemme know ;)


dian said...

so this is what you meant when you said you have something for me?
which one is 'me'?
cos there are a lot of 'you' here...

Begy said...

seriously LOL for no. 4

and OH.MY.GOD.!!! for no. 5 :D

and oh well... now i see that you took Psychology in college, just like i do...

but i can already tell that you are way more qualified than i am... :D

dewi said...

am having difficulty to describe myself like u did...
but am willing to try...someday...not now for sure....

Aishalife-line said...

really beautiful awesome sista!

soulharmony said...

berkunjung saja

Natazya said...

@dian : hey.. there's YOU in the list of YOUS :D

@Begy : well... im older *so what!yahahah* u might as well make a list of ur awesome-ness u know ;)

@budew : i'll be waiting ;)

@Aisha : thank u sis ;)

@soulharmony : u're always welcome

dian said...

Finally, I did it, I did it...
But i'm not sure. Please check if you have time. ;-)

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